Welcome to the Gateway Pilot Program Archive!

If you are visiting this blog, you probably are searching for information about the Gateway to the LMA Program at the John D. O'Bryant School of Mathematics and Science in Roxbury, MA.

This blog contains a record of program activities and milestones from the program's four-year pilot period, which began with the 2007-8 school year and ended with the 2010-11 school year. If you would like to learn more about this period in the program's history, please feel free to email us.

Enjoy looking through our program archive!

Fun with Soap!

Earlier this week, Mrs. Drurey's Chemistry Honors classes had the privilege of hosting Professor Patrick Gordon from Simmons College for an activity on saponification, i.e. the chemical process of producing soap. Soapmaking utilizes sodium hydroxide as a key ingredient, and the safety goggles are a must! Fortunately, all of Mrs. Drurey's students are well-versed in the safety protocols, as you can see in the goggle-filled photos below.

Behind the Scenes of the Gateway 10 Potluck

Thank you to the Gateway Social Committee and the entire Gateway Class of 2013 for producing what your teachers unanimously declared to be The Best Gateway Potluck Ever!

Now that your gifts to your teachers have been unveiled, here are some behind-the-scenes photos capturing the many hours of loving effort that were invested by members of the Gateway Social Committee, over the past several weeks. I thoroughly enjoyed feeding your creativity with many trips to the craft stores!

Broad Institute Final Presentations

Congratulations to this Gateway sophomore and her family, on the occasion of her successful team research presentation on "Bacteria in Our Environments" at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT this past Saturday. During this project, students grew bacterial cultures from samples taken from their own living environments; replicated, purified and sequenced the bacterial DNA using PCR and gel electrophoresis; identified the DNA sequences using the BLAST database tool; and then constructed phylogenetic trees to characterize the evolutionary relationships among their various bacteria types.

Gateway Terms 3 & 4 Honors Assembly

Congratulations to the following Gateway students who have earned recognition for their academic achievements in the third and fourth terms of this school year:

Amazing Aces (highest course grades):
Bianca Bertrand (History, Term 3), Kamela Hysa (Advanced Algebra, Term 3), Cuong Linh (Chemistry Honors (Mrs. Drurey), Term 3 and History, Term 4), Deja Lopes (Chemistry Honors (Ms. Potwin), Term 4), Kerlie Merizier (English Language Arts, Term 3), Christian Peguero (Advanced Algebra Honors, Term 4), Mary-Jo Raei (Chemistry Honors (Ms. Potwin), Term 3 and Advanced Algebra, Term 4), Patricia Rosa (Advanced Algebra Honors, Term 3; Chemistry Honors (Mrs. Drurey) and English Language Arts, Term 4).

Busy Beavers (perfect homework completion across all academic courses):
Guy Francois, Queenie Rigaud, Patricia Rosa

Courageous Climbers (most improved performances in individual courses):
Jonair Alves (English Language Arts, Term 3), William Jean (English Language Arts, Term 4), Ahadu Molla (History, Term 3), Deja Lopes (History and Chemistry Honors (Ms. Potwin), Term 4), Guy Francois (Advanced Algebra, Term 3), Barry Bhagwandeen (Advanced Algebra Honors, Term 3), Kimberly McNair-Myers (Advanced Algebra, Term 4),
Samantha Michel (Advanced Algebra Honors, Term 4), Cristian Polanco (Chemistry Honors (Mrs. Drurey), Term 3), Zenubia Cameron (Chemistry Honors (Ms. Potwin), Term 3), Paul Thaing (Chemistry Honors (Mrs. Drurey), Term 3).

P.R.I.D.E. of Gateway Awards:
Kevin Alves, Judy Le, Mary-Jo Raei, Suzette Schand

Cum Laude (3.00—3.49 GPA)
Bianca Bertrand, Terence Coston, Guy Francois, Candice Gonzales, Bi Yi Huang, Kamela Hysa, Judy Le, Iryelis Lopez, Kerlie Merizier, Andreina Nieves, Christian Peguero, Queenie Rigaud, Suzette Schand, Jemmie Tejeda, Lynn Celestin, Pascal Delpe-Brice, Pavel Dzemianok, Xiomara Garcia, Ayana Green, Anamol Gurung, Cassandra Leveille, Jie Hao Liang, Frankline Mardi, Christina Nguyen, Deidra Oruma, Rony Prevot, Rosa Soto, Victoria Tanis, Adrienne Thornton, Jeremy Wong, Kishma Andrew, Vicmarys Brito, Annie Moy, Lydia Price, Brendon Tan, Tai Tang, Marquette Webster

Magna Cum Laude (3.50–3.89)
Melissa Jean, Cuong Linh, Samantha Michel, Mary-Jo Raei, Patricia Rosa, Feysal Said, Jean Charles, Michael Mejia, Genesis Peña, Yaritza Sanchez, Josie Valcin, Katherine Brea, Juleissy Pimentel, Claribel Rosa, Christelle Salomon, Tiffany Wu